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Here's one of my favorite cookbooks:

Gourmet on the Go: Easy Cuisine for the Galley

Valuable for the galley kitchen in motor homes, 5 th –wheels, travel trailers, cruisers, yachts, houseboats, and even apartments and condos, Gourmet on the Go is a “no fuss – all frills” cookbook featuring over 260 quick, easy, and flavorful recipes that combine the unique circumstances of galley cooking with the popularity of gourmet foods. While not for the “open cans and stir” type of camper or boater, the simple recipes and advice in Gourmet on the Go use fresh ingredients to create interesting meals in tight quarters.


Gourmet on the Go: Easy Cuisine for the Galley available from:

AuthorHouse Publishing



Gourmet on the Go


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